Tap Selection

We're not strictly a Monteith's, rather we choose the majority of beers from DB (including most of the Monteith's series) for the simple fact, we prefer the taste!

Beer of the Month

Monthly craft beer available on tap.  Generally it's a Pale Ale that Jason and the team choose, come in and check out what's on tap now.

Monteiths Black Beer

Crafted from a blend of five premium malts to create a complex depth of flavours with dominant coffee notes. Crisper than sweet darks and smoother than harsh stouts. Perfect for the moment when you step in from the cold.

Monteiths Celtic Red Beer

An Irish-style red ale with a raft of hidden flavours ranging from a smoky kiln roast to a smooth chocolate maltiness. Perfect for the moment dinner is finally under control.

Monteiths Original Ale

Offering a full and complete beer flavour with hops dominating the aroma and taste. Brewed true to the original Monteith’s family recipe of 1868. Perfect for the moment you knock off work.

Monteiths Pilsner Beer

An eastern European-style lager with immense flavour and enormous hop character, this premium beer leaves you with a clean, crisp taste. Perfect for the moment you finish the lawns.

Monteiths Golder Lager

A smooth malty character with a rounded cashew nut flavour coaxed from the premium Munich Malts. You’ll find there’s just enough hops to create a crisp, refreshing beer. Perfect for the moment you fire up the BBQ.

Monteiths Radler Bier

Easy drinking with light hoppy notes and a hint of natural lemon juice. Let this zesty beer refresh you with its tangy citrus finish. Perfect for the moment you feel the sand beneath your toes.

Monteithers Summer Ale

The malts give it the smooth heart, the single hop and ginger its touch of spice. A little rata honey finishes things off nicely, leaving you with a truly refreshing taste experience. Now available all year round.

Monteiths Crushed Apple Cider

A light, refreshing French-style cider made from 100% sun-ripened Nelson apples which have been freshly crushed to retain their natural flavour. Not from a syrup concentrate. Perfect for the moment you feel the sun on your back.